Initially …

These are the sketches I did from time to time, mostly for my son. These are sketches of the images found in his books.

As you can see, these were drawn any almost any empty piece of paper (hence no consistency in the background, size etc.) using a pencil.

Update :

Since I started drawing relatively consistently, I started drawing more deliberately.

I got a re-writable notebook, and I have since drawn several sketches in that, rather than “some piece of paper found at that moment” (I occasionally still do that, but less so.)

I also started scanning these, rather than using mobile phone's camera to capture these, for better quality. It helped a little.

I also started drawing digitally on a tablet. This created better images, no grey “shadows” on the sides, for example.

But some how it does not feel the same as using “pen and paper”. But I'm getting better.

and off course I get “undo”, which I can't on “pen and paper” (I wonder if that is a good thing)

The drawings are still from children's books and magazines. But I started drawing from local newspaper as well.

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