[This post was originally written in March 2016, but published only later]

This is not a “How” to get started with Go post. This post chronicles my attempts, and reasons to get started with go.


I am fascinated with the hugo static site generator tool. I am in a process to migrate one of my blogs to hugo (But it is too soon.)

While reading thru the hugo documentation, I came across hugo-gallery. But unlike hugo itself, hugo-gallery is available only as source code.1

Since I have been considering (but putting off) installing go locally, this seemed like a good excuse to do so.

Installing via brew

Official document does not mention/recommend brew install, but brew is such a nice tool, I almost do not want to install any mac software without it.

Since I chose the path different from what is officially recommended, there was an opportunity to “learn” I wanted to install go tour locally, but it won't work. But I wasn't the first or only one to have this problem. Also it is usually “shoot first, read documentation” attitude that causes the problem.

All I had to do was set the GOPATH variable. (and go get the gotour.)

BTW, one more deviation from the documentation, the way to invoke is not go tool tour as the official document recommends. (But after so many years, I know that usually documents grow “out dated” after a while.)

Anyway, I was able to run the go tour as ./gotour after that.

Update : Feb 27, 2018

It is only after (almost) two years, that I finally moved my blog to hugo

  1. Update: hugo-gallery is now available as a binary release here ↩︎