April 22, 2015

  • The changelog podcast episode 148 : The state of Go in 2015
    • Go on Mobile - Seems like cool stuff
      • Andrew talks about move from Google code to Github(He isn't too happy)
        • Google code was going away (Internal projects had to move first)
        • He explains why Gerrit is better than github “pull request” workflow
        • Github doesn't support CLA
        • When I worked on OpenStack for a short amount of time, I had signed CLA and used Gerrit. Openstack used git (as opposed to mercurial) but not github.
  • Raymond Hettinger's Presentation in Pycon 2015 : Beyond PEP8
    • He uses live code instead of slides, which is good but it means we must consume the 1 hour long video. Sometimes slidedecks are better (Not always)
    • He ran out of time (Due to lunch break, at that)

April 23, 2015

  • GraphQL
  • After being disappointed that users must consume 1+ hour youtube video, I looked and came across Raymond hettinger slidedeck It is not same, but lot of ideas from 2015 presentations are already covered here.
    • python3 has @ignored exception context manager
    • slidedeck has reference implementation for python2

April 24, 2015

  • Ask Altucher podcast: Changing Your Lifestyle Can Change Your Life Episode 239
    • pencil pushups”
    • eye exercises
    • ginger+lemon for better digestion
      • This is known to all the Indians since childhood. My grandma who lived till the age past 90, used to use this whenever she had upset stomach
  • Talk python to me Episode 1
    • EVE framework
      • I had read about it some time ago. At that time it was very restrictive in a sense that it supported only MongoDB. Now it supports other databases via SQLAlchemy
      • Flask sentinel
        • Token based access control for Flask application
        • When I tried Token based access control for the Flask app earlier, it was not trivial. You can read about it here So I think this might be worth looking into.