OK, it wasn't really that bad, I could have easily “lived” with it.


While thinking of creating API documentation for my project, I first considered Markdown syntax (Later I selected ReST, since sphinx supports it better.)

I also wanted to keep the documentation in .org files. I was planning to export these .org files to .md , which I can commit to git. .md other users can edit, .org is very emacs specific. It is unfair to assume others will be able to maintain them comfortably


At first, I didn't get “export to markdown” option at all, under SPC-m-e I looked around, and tinkered with my spacemacs configuration. I am sure I did several trial and errors Finally something worked.

I wanted “export to simple markdown”, all I got was export to GFM (GitHub Flavoured Markdown) I didn't like the <div> tags in the markdown

Now I didn't know how to “rollback” I commented/removed (what seemed like) relevant config changes, but it didn't help

Solution (?)

I turned to Time machine, and restored .emacs.d from few days ago. The restore erred out midway

Now when I started emacs, I got vanilla emacs Hence the need to “fresh install”

I first renamed existing .emacs.d to .emacs.d.broken and existing .spacemacs to .spacemacs.broken

Then git clone d it from spacemacs repo

After spacemacs was setup (Takes really long time for the git clone to finish) I compared .spacemacs file with the old one, and ported my changes over.


  1. Turns out Sublime and Vim support Org mode too. See https://twitter.com/mandarvaze/status/681171214103085057
  2. This post written in .org format. Thanks to Org-mode plugin for Nikola
  3. Somehow using footnotes syntax of Org mode didn't export well in this Theme.