This is a summary of the following youtube video by Dandapani

Unlocking the secrets of Meditation

Understanding Meditation

  • Meditation is not a sweet sauce you add to your life to make it taste good.
    • Having a carrot in the morning, and the hamburgers, and beers through out the day is not a “Healthy” diet. Similarly, meditation in the morning is not enough (?)
  • First fix your lifestyle that supports meditation
  • What is meditation :
    • Prolonged state of concentration
    • Meditation is working with the energy inside of you
  • We can't clear your mind, but we could focus the mind.
  • Any meditation practice should have a process and a goal
  • Meditate on same thing for (at least 5 days a week) before you switch, else you'll never make progress.
  • To meditate, you need to be able to concentrate.
  • How to concentrate :
    • Do one thing for a prolonged time
    • We can not multi-task
  • Meditation takes courage (to face “ugly” self)
    • When we start meditating, we face our “ugly” subconscious
    • we never spent time “cleaning” up the subconscious
  • Takes self-acceptance
    • Accept that who you are today took years, so it will take some years to “un-create”
  • Just like diet, meditation will take long time before we see results.


  • Start with “1 minute a day” (Cause it is sustainable)
  • Create a daily ritual
  • First thing in the morning
  • Don't interact with anyone (may be shower, coffee/water is fine)
  • Meeting with your energy
  • Meetings need time and location
  • Sit with spine straight (preferably without back support)
  • Left hand below, right hand on top, thumbs touching each other.
  • If/when you are not concentrating, the tips of thumbs are no longer touching and spine is no longer straight.