Auto Completion

Few days ago, I started going thru an excellent Udemy course on Vue.js

You can see my notes here

On the course, the instructor uses an IntelliJ IDE. On “Views on Vue” podcast I had heard good things about Sarah Dresner extension pack for Vue development. So I tried that.

I worked kinda OK.

I think because it installs a bunch of extensions, they sometimes “fight” with each other. Other reason may be because I am not too familiar with VSCode, so keyboard shortcuts that may be obvious to other VS code users, I did not know.

In any case, I needed to setup Emacs in long run, so I came across this post.

Additionally, I use nvm for my node versions. I anticipated issues because of that. Luckily adding (package! nvm) to packages.el was enough.

Here are the final steps for Doom emacs :

  1. Add (package! vue-mode) to packages.el
  2. Add (add-hook 'vue-mode-hook #'lsp!) to config.el
  3. Install Vue Language Server : npm install -g vue-language-server
  4. Finally, let Doom install the new packages via doom refresh

I get nice auto-completion, errors and warning popups, as part of LSP.

I also liked that HTML tags are visually paired.

My experience with VS Code was never that smooth.