This post is ported over from my other blog, which was once in pelican

In my last post, I mentioned that Nikola can use the pelican/resT docinfo style metadata.

I had also mentioned that, now can I use the same post in both the places without any change. But if I used nikola's new_postcommand, the metadata generated would be in “reST comments” style, which would work only for Nikola.

That means, I needed to modify the metadata, before I can use the exact same post at both the places. This wasn't too much effort, yet it involved additional efforts.

Just days later, Nikola released another minor version, and here they have added functionality that new_post would generate the skeleton in the correct format, based on the configuration setting.

In my particular case, I have added the following like to


For more details see documentation

Currently for this format, only limited metadata headers are generated : Title (reST style), type, slug and date

The “default” on the other hand have a lot more headers like tags, category and more (which I don't use)

So it would be nice if all the metadata headers were generated.

The way Nikola is making improvements, who knows, this functionality might just be available in the next release

In case it is not clear, I have done exactly what the title says.