Freakonomics, Curl and Tim Ferris

May 14, 2015

  • James Altucher Show (Tim Ferriss experiment)
    • When division is shutdown, new management/owner will not take any decisions.
    • If the decision results into “loss”, new management will be blamed for shutting down the project/division.
    • If the decision results into “profit”, old management gets the credit
    • So leave it in a limbo :(

May 15, 2015

  • How think like a Child (Freakonomics Radio)

    • Children spot “magic” easily
    • They are always making theories
    • Adults have a pattern to learning based on what we already know (This may be good or bad)
    • “Play” means do something without thinking of “utility” (Difficult for adults)
  • Why we laugh - TED Talk

    • Humans aren’t the only mammals that laugh (Apes, Rats laugh too)
    • We can easily detect Fake laugh Vs real laugh
    • Children can’t easily detect Fake laugh, we learn (that) till we are mid-30s early 40s
    • As we grow, we need social context to laugh (less contagious)

May 16, 2015

  • 17 years with curl
    • Name change :
      • Initially httpget but then supported FTP protocol, so changed to urlget, but it supported POST as well, so changed to curl
    • Program structure change :
      • Originally one program, then split into libcurl - which other programs can use.
      • curl binary also uses the library.
      • php was (one of the?) first third party program to use libcurl
    • Version controls used : CVS, git
      • skipped using svn for the project but Daniel was a core contributor for svn
    • Hosting change :
      • Originally on sourceforge, now on github
    • License changed :
      • Originally GPL (default). Too restrictive, changed to MPL (not compatible w/ GPL?) Finally MIT - most liberal license
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