TL;DR: use something like this: :code:`some text`

I have been using org-mode for my blog posts lately. It provides all the mark-up I need. Some days ago, I needed to cross-link to one of my posts. nikola (the python based static site generator used to power this blog) has a option just for that. (Refer to this)

I tried to be smart, and used equivalent org notation, but it didn't work.

So I converted that post to ReST. (Aside: ReST is lot more powerful especially with reStructuredText extensions. But I may not need these, most of the times, and org mode suffices.)

Now here is the problem.

I am used to org notation (inside of two equal-to signs) at times. org-nikola plugin converts it to <code> HTML block, which I like. But nikola itself converts equivalent ``this`` notation in ReST to pre. HTML <code> blocks look better (due to syntax highlighting) than pre blocks.

ReST has :code: notation, used for multi-line code block, but I couldn't (till now) find a way to use code block inline.

But finally I found this

writing about ReST in orgmode is confusing. I ended up using ReST style of links instead of org style

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