I don't know how much sense does the title make. But I didn't know how else to express, plus (I) didn't want to wait to figure out the title

As mentioned earlier, I am using nikola for this blog, and posts are in org-mode as much as possible.

For every post in nikola, I need to add meta data information like title, slug, date etc.

Initially I created first one by hand, and copy pasted from older posts.

Then I decided to automate it using powerful yasnippet

Creating a new snippet was easy I just invoked M-x yas-new-snippet and followed the prompts.

I created it only for org-mode though. I think it will be useful for posts in ReST as well (I just need to remove #+BEGIN_COMMENT and +END_COMMENT

Here is the (a simple) snippet file :

# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# name: begin and end comment block for blog posts in org mode
# key: bc
# --

.. title:
.. slug:
.. date:
.. category: misc
.. tags:
.. type: text

emacs stored the file at ~/.emacs.d/private/snippets/org-mode/blog_headers