Recently I started learning elixir. During this process I came across two TIL blogs.

First one is TIL app created by Hashrocket.

At first they created it in Rails .

Recently they created (ported ?) it to Elixir. Source

The other is more interesting to me. One of the (ex?) HashRocket engineer Josh Branchaud has his own til repo Although he hasn't published these anywhere (Other than this public repo) it contains a lot of gems.

The way these are different is that each entry is a tiny piece of useful information. Small enough that I would not have called it a blog “post”. But who is to say how much should a blog post be ? After all, several tweets that are just under 140 character contain the useful information.

I too have collected several “notes” over the years. I never organized nor publish them, thinking “no one needs them”, but who am I to decide ? May be some one will find these useful.

So I have decided to publish these as and when I learn. I may post some of the older ones initially as well.

I call them “Micro-TILs” !!