Last couple of weeks, specifically since I started my microblog I am able to do all the operations from within emacs.

  • Create new post via hugo new post/
    • I do this by opening a vterm in emacs.
  • Open the newly created post in Emacs via SPC f f
  • Add content.
  • Run dev server in vterm via hugo server --disableFastRender
  • Preview and update content as required.
    • Earlier I used to preview in external browser, breaking my everything-from-emacs flow, till I configured Emacs to use eww to browse the links.
    • Read about it here
  • When done, add the file to git using magit via SPC g g (Go to Untracked files and s to stage the file.)
  • git commit via SPC g c c
  • git push via M-x magit-push-matching
  • Optionally stop the development server started in vterm

Once I've pushed the new post to git, netlify automatically builds and publishes the post 🎉