I have been using Lunarvim aka lvim from inside the terminal (inside tmux to be really specific) for a while now. It already works the way I want, default keybindings to be specific (What else is there ? Will switch colortheme later)

But opening LunarVim in one of the tmux window, terminal in another, and switching between them became tedious.

When I use Doom Emacs, I use the GUI version of Emacs, as it works better, so I thought I should use one of the GUI for neovim.

I tried neoclide, which didn't even start. VimR was better. But I couldn't get it to use LunarVi configuration which I really liked.

After some searching and asking questions on discord, I came across the fix. The code changes are aavailable in the rolling branch of lvim But instructions aren't available. After chasing (harassing ?) the good folks on LunarVim's github issue, I finally got it working 🎉

The Instructions

These are verbatim instructions from the github PR discussion. See here

IMPORTANT: Backup any of these folders if you need to

Please make sure to run the Then delete all of these neovim folders manually.

rm -rf "$HOME/.config/nvim"
rm -rf "$HOME/.local/share/nvim"
rm -rf "$HOME/.cache/nvim"

Now open up nvim and check that :version is 0.6.1+ and that :checkhealth is passing correctly.

Only after you have verified that your vanilla neovim is working, do the following:

git clone ~/.config/nvim
touch ~/.config/nvim/config.lua


  • I downloaded the uninstaller script to /tmp folder and executed from the terminal as bash ./
  • :checkhealth failed initially for me for escape-time in tmux. While I made the change suggested right there, it did not help. So I started vanilla nvim from outside tmux and the error went away.
  • I also got errors that python2 and perl not found, but they were marked Optional, so it didn't matter.