How I Document

I have been keeping notes using pen and paper for as long as I remember. But most of those - at least during the student life - were valuable only during particular academic year, or so. Usually the notebooks were discarded/lost.

I continued taking notes after I started working, but the nature was “action items from the meeting”. Hence not relevant after a while.

Then I started keeping notes as text files, then markdown, rst, org files. Besides different markdown syntax, they were all text files that could be easily searched. Most were kept into a Dropbox folder (or in olden days, backed up to an external hard drive, when I remembered.)

For a while, I did devnotes website, so that I can share it with the world.

That site has since been defunct, because I moved to TiddlyWiki

I started this as “work diary”, hence some initial entries are “what I did that day” - I didn't think it would be helpful, but it was. And not only for me, others too. (We'll come back to this in a minute)

I've since moved to “notes” format. They have decent title rather than “date” title, so that it is much easier to guess, especially for visitors. Some of these turn to slightly formal blog post.

Besides title, TW has decent search and tagging functionality, which helps.

What do I document

Mostly things I learn. If I use then over and over, I do not need to refer to my notes.

Sometimes, commands with lots of argument need to be repeated

Sometimes these are steps to spin up a new server, or deploy a product. For the projects I have worked on, I spin up a new server only once - or twice, in case we need a separate test/dev server.

These tasks are not so often to justify automation. Just copy/pasting a command from saved note, is automation enough.


In olden days, I also used to document project specific passwords, till I started using password manager.

It Helps (when you least expect)

Today a colleague from niteo asked me for a corner case he knew I had worked on. I knew I had noted it somewhere. So I searched TW, lo and behold. I found it.

The entry was 6 months old.

I knew the context he was looking for, but had forgotten the actual solution.

The issue was related to “pipenv on heroku”. Pipenv on heroku is not upgraded since 2015, this causes many a heart ache. Unless you use “pipenv on heroku” the problem (and solution) is not of interest to you. (Tweet at me, if you are REALLY curious)