When I started my second blog, instead of pelican, I tried awesome Nikola SSG. It is truly awesome. What I (initially) liked about it was it had support for org-mode i.e. I could write my blog in org-mode and Nikola would generate the post out of it.

I spent looking for “decent” theme, but couldn't find one. I tried material theme for a while, but realized it could not do syntax highlighting.

Since many of my posts had some code, it was an important requirement. But in order to not get “stuck”, I chose a one that I could “live with”, but I was never happy.

When I heard about Hugo, I was impressed by the vast number of themes. I wanted to “move” immediately.

But by then, I was “locked” into Nikola due to it's built-in Gallery feature. One just drops files into a folder, and that is all. (Hugo requires me to list the filename, which may be good, but I wonder how well it would scale.)

I could not get Gallery to work “back then”. You can read about my first attempt here


When I started again, I started playing with the exampleSite that came with the theme. I tried to get Gallery feature to work. (Was quite easy. Theme documentation has an example)

Once prototype worked, I had to convert my posts from org-mode and rst into markdown

Initial conversion to markdown

I know hugo supports rst (and org-mode), but I am tired of having to “tweak”. (At one point, it was fun. Now I just want to focus on writing. This is also the reason I moved from linux to macOS few years ago.)

So back to “conversion” I used the following to get the “initial” conversion. “Initial” you say ? Indeed it is just the beginning. Read on.

$ for f in `ls -1 *.rst`; do
n=$(echo $f | cut -d'.' -f1)
pandoc -f rst -t markdown -o /hugo/basedir/blogname/content/post/$ $f

$ for f in `ls -1 *.org`; do
n=$(echo $f | cut -d'.' -f1)
pandoc -f rst -t markdown -o /hugo/basedir/blogname/content/post/$ $f

Fix front matter

While the “promise” of SSGs is that if you write the content on the $common_format you can easily switch, it reality, it is not easy, as I found out “second” time.

When I had two SSGs, pelican and nikola - they both had “slightly” different “style” (for the lack of better word). To their credit, nikola eventually supported front matter that works well with pelican. In fact, I was using same post (mostly) as-is between pelican and nikola for some time. (Mostly because things like “link to other posts” etc. are different.)

Hugo on the other hand “quite” different style.

  • Note: Hugo allows three formats for the front matter. TOML, YAML and JSON. Initially I tried TOML, but syntax is too different = as opposed to already used : So for later “coversions” I went with YAML *

Mostly the “values” in the front matter are double quoted strings, which is not the case for nikola. This was easy in evil via ysiw"

Change category to categories

Hugo is probably first SSG I have come across that supports multiple categories. Others usually go with “one category, multiple tags”

So aside from changing the key name, I also had to enclose both categories and tags into square brackets like [] and each value to be “double quoted”.

Then there are other smaller things like :

  • Fix dates: I had full datetime stamp
  • Remove {.sourceCode}. This was auto inserted by pandoc conversion for :code: in the rst files. (Refer to Inline code blocks post, about how I used it earlier.)
  • Replace \" and \' with normal double and single quotes. These too were inserted by pandoc

To automated or not ?

I did consider writing script or something to automate this, but didn't. I did most of this manually. Off course, knowing vi commands did make my life easier. (But one could have done this with any other editor. Most of them have “find-and-replace”.) On a related note, I came across this post.

Migrating galleries

Instead of dumping everything under banner, I created subfolders under static/images

I copied the files from my old blog structure to this new structure.

One of the benefits of nikola was that I could just dump new files, and automatically they would show up. Here I need to explicitly list each and every file.

The down side was the order in which they would show up was very random (Probably due to internal use of dictionaries - where the order is never the same. But this is just a guess.)

So I decided to use this opportunity to display the images in reverse chronological order (in simple terms - latest image shows up first. Makes sense ain't it ? Regular visitors may have already seen the old images, and may be interested in the new content.)

While this works well going forward, populating this list “by hand” was a tough task.

I used ls -lrt1 to get the list of files from newer->older.

I copy pasted the results to the .md file. (Removed .. and other files)

Then using vi/evil magic - added the fixed path to all the entries.

Git stuff

After spending a couple of days working on the changes in the pockets. I was ready to replace my site.

I couldn't just do another push since some of the folder names might be same, but since contents are different, I didn't wanna take a risk.

So I wanted a clean start. (But I also wanted to retain the history)

I didn't know how to do that.

One option I considered was doing git rm * and commit this with a message “Reboot”

I could have always gone back using git log history, but that would be cumbersome.

So I decided to move the existing site into it's own branch, so that if required, I could just switch the branches.

I first renamed existing master to nikola - just to be safe. git branch -m master nikola

Before I delete the master, I needed to tell bitbucket that master is no longer the main branch.

So from bitbucket website, I chose nikola to be my main branch.

Then deleted the master using git branch -D master; git push origin :master

Now the master was empty (didn't exist).

A simple git add .; git commit; git push origin master created master in the bitbucket.

But ..

Repeatedly hitting “Cmd+R” kept on showing my old site. My heart sank ..

Then just as a trial, I went back to bitbucket and made master the main branch again.

and that was it.

New site was ready.

Final thoughts

This is my third SSG. I started with pelican. Then nikola. and Now hugo.

While all of them support markdown, I personally prefer reStructuredText, I think it is much more expressive.

It does not help that markdown-mode in spacemacs is broken. Specifically evil IMO, may be more. So editing becomes more tedious.

When migrating, I used to switch to text-mode to get away from the “broken-ness”

Then there is also the “special” syntax specific to each SSG called “short codes”. Since there is no common standard for it, each has to invent their own. They are similar yet not exactly same. So while porting, it indeed becomes “additional work”.

I really hope I stick with this for a (long) while, but “tinkerer” in me, is gonna want me to look for better theme at least. But it will be a while before that.

I do want to move my other site to hugo. May be a different theme. Or I'll just have a single blog like I had planned