Sidney Sheldon

I had known Sydney Sheldon as an author of several best-selling novels like “The Other Side of Midnight”, “Rage of Angels”, “Master of the Game” etc. I grew up reading his novels (mostly marathi translations) Later, during my few years in US, I used to watch “I Dream of Jeanie” and came to know him as the producer and writer of this show. Little did I know, that I had all this backwards.

Growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid

Note: These are not MY experiences This week I listened to two podcasts that happen to talk about growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid. It is one thing to read about it online, and quite another to hear experiences from someone who was part of it growing up. The first story is that of Susan David, the Author of the book Emotional Agility She recently appeared on the James Altucher Show (Episode 203) which is where I heard this story.

Sketches : Hands

This post comes from a podcast episode called “Fool me once”. So the title of this post is apt. The post does not contain a drawing of a hand. ;) I recently started listening to a new podcast called “Tell me something I don't know”. TMSIDK for short. In this episode one of the contestant, A.E. Kieren , tells us that “hands” are conspicuously missing from the Art of the renaissance period.

Writing golang code with spacemacs

Since I use spacemacs, everything is easy. As soon as I started editing a .go file, spacemacs offered to enable the go layer. (I could have easily done it myself, but it is always awesome when your editor “knows” and offers to help.) After saving the .spacemacs and SPC f e R later (and I think I had to reopen the buffer, I don't remember) I had working syntax highlighting and “coding time error checking” (Thanks flycheck)

Create and save files from a Heroku bash session

I started using Heroku for one of the projects recently. In past, I have used Openshift, Webfaction (and AWS long time ago). Each of these gave some kind of ssh access. By ssh access, I mean access to the running system. Heroku is different. Heroku gives you bash access. At first, it may seem similar to the ssh access, but it is not. Each time you run heroku run bash --app my_app Heroku creates a new instance of the shell.

Tools for removing "errors" from your writing

Initially, I was going to title this either “How to improve your writing”, or “How to write better”. But both those are subjective. The current title is apter1 , I think. In technical terms, these are errors/warnings in the prose. Errors you must fix. Warnings you should fix, but can choose to ignore. Since the “prose” isn't compiled, there is no compiler. This is similar to various interpreted (programming) languages, where there are no compilers, hence there is no easy way to catch the errors/warnings before hand.

GitLab: The project you were looking for could not be found

Every now and then I used to keep getting this error. (The project existed.) This error showed up once in a while. My go to solution was to reboot the machine (cause it used to work) But for once, that too did not work, and it led me to finding the real cause /solution. I'm glad I did. I had noticed that I get this error when SourceTree asks for passphrase for some other publickey.