Cost of buying

In the “Tim Feriss show” podcast, Episode #248 : Ten commandments of Startup Success, there is a story about “Buying domain” Turns out this domain was owned by 5 year old girl named Eve Rogers. How does one negotiate with a 5 year old ? Luckily (?) the negotiations were with her mom, and the price of the deal was : Equity in the company (exact details not shared) (Observer) seat on the board of directors for the daughter (Eve Rogers) Multiple trips to Disney Land per year $50000 A funny little story worth sharing .

Sending Rich Text emails with mu4e

I recently started using mu4e exclusively for emails. I haven't opened the browser based email client in more than a week. I almost never use “rich text” emails, so I didn't miss sending “rich” emails much. But sometimes it is nice (useful?) to make certain word(s) bold for the impact. and if one is using “rich text”, marking code/commands in fixed width font is always nice. I always used to manually change the font in such cases, when using browser based email client.

Beethoven's fifth

Beethoven's music has three distinct phases - early, mid and late. This is very uncommon, since most musicians have a “set” style through out their career. Fifth symphony was written during the “mid” part of his career. Beethoven was working on the fifth for four years. Beethoven had started going deaf around this time, that may be the reason parts of the symphony are “loud” Four letter motif of the Beethoven's Fifth symphony was used by BBC during the second world war because :

Using local password manager

Bit of history Long time ago I was using LastPass. and it worked well for me for a long time, till it was acquired. I heard some “bad” things, which honestly I do not remember, but it was probably like the “free” option will go away. I started looking for options, and chanced upon Dashlane. Honestly it worked really well, but there is this inkling that I can't explain, that I need to move out.