How to Sync Github Fork with the original

First add the original repo as upstream remote using : 1 git remote add upstream You need to do this only once. Now each time you want to get the changes from the original, do the following : 1 2 3 git fetch upstream git checkout master git merge upstream/master See the github documentation for details.

How to use python to test your Ethereum Smart Contracts

Background I recently started working on Ethereum Blockchain development. Most of the tools, including the solidity language are biased towards javascript. While I managed to get started using truffle when it came to testing, I found that javascript tests were (IMO) unnecessarily too long. But that is the nature of the language. I have always been more comfortable with python than JS. I liked and have used py.test in my previous projects.

Pay Gap on the Gender-Blind Platform (Uber)

Freakonomics podcast did an episode understanding the gender pay gap, that exists between the male and female driver even if the platform does not treat them differently based on the gender. Uber has a lot of data about the rides, drivers and earnings. Let's see what they found out. How much ? Male drivers earn 7% more than their female counterpart. And seven percent is not very different than the overall average we see across all firms, even in the traditional labor market.

Moving from Nikola to Hugo

Background When I started my second blog, instead of pelican, I tried awesome Nikola SSG. It is truly awesome. What I (initially) liked about it was it had support for org-mode i.e. I could write my blog in org-mode and Nikola would generate the post out of it. I spent looking for “decent” theme, but couldn't find one. I tried material theme for a while, but realized it could not do syntax highlighting.

Please check your gas amount

I just started learning solidity development, and when I started writing my own Smart Contract - I came across this error. 1 2 Error encountered, bailing. Network state unknown. Review successful transactions manually. Error: The contract code couldn't be stored, please check your gas amount. truffle compile worked OK, but truffle migrate gave this error. Usually, it is said that is there is a loop (infinite loop, due to logic error) one usually “runs out of gas”