Unlocking the secrets of meditation

This is a summary of the following youtube video by Dandapani Unlocking the secrets of Meditation Understanding Meditation Meditation is not a sweet sauce you add to your life to make it taste good. Having a carrot in the morning, and the hamburgers, and beers through out the day is not a “Healthy” diet. Similarly, meditation in the morning is not enough (?) First fix your lifestyle that supports meditation What is meditation : Prolonged state of concentration Meditation is working with the energy inside of you We can't clear your mind, but we could focus the mind.

Unwavering Focus

I came across Dandapani when tim ferriss mentioned him in one of his podcasts. Then I looked up his website (very easy to remember URL, from tim's podcast, at least for someone like myself of Indian origin) On his blog, there is a youtube video of his TED Talk from TEDxReno called “Unwavering Focus”. I try to summarize the points here. We are told to concentrate (from childhood) yet no one teaches us how.

Getting started with go

[This post was originally written in March 2016, but published only later] This is not a “How” to get started with Go post. This post chronicles my attempts, and reasons to get started with go. Why I am fascinated with the hugo static site generator tool. I am in a process to migrate one of my blogs to hugo (But it is too soon.) While reading thru the hugo documentation, I came across hugo-gallery.

Retain the contents of emacs *scratch* buffer across restarts

I have used many editors (chiefly vim) and IDEs (pycharm) My colleagues use sublime text so I gave it a try, but always switched back to either pycharm for python coding, and vim for everything else (until I came across spacemacs, and now that is my main editor for last few months. I still use vim occasionally, on remote server etc.) Back to sublime text .. One of the thing I liked about sublime text was that I could just open a new window, start typing and even after I quit/restart sublime, my contents would be there.

Sending email via emacs

Note : This post was originally written in org-mode. When I moved to hugo I “translated” in to markdown (via pandoc). That is why you see some TODO/DONE statuses below I have been meaning to setup emacs for email in general, but due to the size of my existing mailbox, setting up offlineimap (or mbsync for that matter) is a daunting task. I am sure I'll do that one day.

(ya)snippet for header in org-mode blog post

I don't know how much sense does the title make. But I didn't know how else to express, plus (I) didn't want to wait to figure out the title As mentioned earlier, I am using nikola for this blog, and posts are in org-mode as much as possible. For every post in nikola, I need to add meta data information like title, slug, date etc. Initially I created first one by hand, and copy pasted from older posts.

Inline Code block in ReST

TL;DR: use something like this: :code:`some text` I have been using org-mode for my blog posts lately. It provides all the mark-up I need. Some days ago, I needed to cross-link to one of my posts. nikola (the python based static site generator used to power this blog) has a option just for that. (Refer to this) I tried to be smart, and used equivalent org notation, but it didn't work.