Create and save files from a Heroku bash session

I started using Heroku for one of the projects recently. In past, I have used Openshift, Webfaction (and AWS long time ago). Each of these gave some kind of ssh access. By ssh access, I mean access to the running system. Heroku is different. Heroku gives you bash access. At first, it may seem similar to the ssh access, but it is not. Each time you run heroku run bash --app my_app Heroku creates a new instance of the shell.

Tools for removing "errors" from your writing

Initially, I was going to title this either “How to improve your writing”, or “How to write better”. But both those are subjective. The current title is apter1 , I think. In technical terms, these are errors/warnings in the prose. Errors you must fix. Warnings you should fix, but can choose to ignore. Since the “prose” isn't compiled, there is no compiler. This is similar to various interpreted (programming) languages, where there are no compilers, hence there is no easy way to catch the errors/warnings before hand.

GitLab: The project you were looking for could not be found

Every now and then I used to keep getting this error. (The project existed.) This error showed up once in a while. My go to solution was to reboot the machine (cause it used to work) But for once, that too did not work, and it led me to finding the real cause /solution. I'm glad I did. I had noticed that I get this error when SourceTree asks for passphrase for some other publickey.

Mindfulness Course : Week 1

I started an online course called “Mindfullness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance” at Monash University on FutureLearn. (Name of the course is a mouthful, hence I decided to shorten the name as referenced in this post) These are my notes from Week 1 Mindfulness means being engaged and present in the moment. We are usually mindful during the activities that we enjoy. When we are not happy is when our mind wanders off (to worry, thinking about the past or the future) and so that is when we need to be mindful.

Ulysses Pact

While listening to the Changelog Episode 221, where they interview Dr. Cory Doctorow. In the Interview, Doctorow mentioned Ulysses Pact. In the Greek mythology, it is said that whenever ship passes near the Siren's island, the men would hear Siren's Song. upon which they would lose their rational thought and jump the ship to swim towards the Siren's island. (Sirens would kill the men) Ulysses wanted to hear the Siren's Song, but he also knew the risks.