Habit Loop

I'm reading a book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg So far I am fascinated by the information. Writing style is quite engaging. In first few chapters he talks about “Habit loop” Cue -> Routine -> Reward …. and suddenly I started seeing “habits” everywhere Two habits I want to mention here are of my children A younger one, just about an year old, throws tantrums when we are changing his nappy or putting on a diaper.

Rubber Duck Problem Solving

Background In case you are not familiar with Rubber Duck approach to solving a problem, it goes something like this : Sometimes, if one spends enough time analyzing the problem, one can find the solution on their own. But most of the times, we don't. We get stuck and “ask” someone. Off course, that “someone” is not as familiar with the problem as you are. So in order to help you, they ask you questions (so they can understand the problem first, before they can help you) But it is often seen that when answering “them”, you come up with the solution your self.

Unlocking the secrets of meditation

This is a summary of the following youtube video by Dandapani Unlocking the secrets of Meditation Understanding Meditation Meditation is not a sweet sauce you add to your life to make it taste good. Having a carrot in the morning, and the hamburgers, and beers through out the day is not a “Healthy” diet. Similarly, meditation in the morning is not enough (?) First fix your lifestyle that supports meditation What is meditation : Prolonged state of concentration Meditation is working with the energy inside of you We can't clear your mind, but we could focus the mind.

Unwavering Focus

I came across Dandapani when tim ferriss mentioned him in one of his podcasts. Then I looked up his website (very easy to remember URL, from tim's podcast, at least for someone like myself of Indian origin) On his blog, there is a youtube video of his TED Talk from TEDxReno called “Unwavering Focus”. I try to summarize the points here. We are told to concentrate (from childhood) yet no one teaches us how.

Getting started with go

[This post was originally written in March 2016, but published only later] This is not a “How” to get started with Go post. This post chronicles my attempts, and reasons to get started with go. Why I am fascinated with the hugo static site generator tool. I am in a process to migrate one of my blogs to hugo (But it is too soon.) While reading thru the hugo documentation, I came across hugo-gallery.